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Buying a Family Cow? 


If so, you need information! Especially if you are a beginner. But either way you have come to the right site. Here you will be able to research and find information on different dairy cow breeds as well as the care and housing of your very own family milk cow.

There is a lot of work to owning a family cow, but the benefits far outweigh the amount of work. I think most people who own a dairy cow would agree.

So what does your cow need? Well, you need to have enough time to milk your cow either once a day or twice a day, you'll need a pasture for her to graze in and some sort of shelter. Of course you will also be spending money on hay unless you have grass year-round, and grain if you choose to feed it.

What will you get in return? A loving new big furry family member, quite intelligent to boot, who will provide you with fresh milk and cream, allowing you to have fresh butter, cheese, kefir, ice cream, and all manner of other homemade dairy products.

Ever tried fresh cream in your coffee? Oh, it is amazing! Sometimes I truly believe it is worth it to have a cow just for the cream.

So enjoy your journey to new cow ownership. Research all the breeds, do your homework, make an informed decision, and then join the many others who own and love a family dairy cow.

(Oh by the way, be careful. I have heard it's tough to own just one!)




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